The Top Ten Reasons to Have Season Tickets

The Traverse City Beach Bums announce the Top 10 reasons to Buy Season Tickets.....

10. A Free Parking Pass
9.  Early Entrance to the Ballpark
8.  A Special Pre-paid entrance to the Ballpark
7.  A Discount on Merchandise
6.  Discounts on other events and post-season games (Even Free Post-Season Games with Full Season Tickets)
5.  A free message board announcement
4. VIP Parking near the pre-paid entrance (Full Season Tickets)
3. Never A Wasted Ticket. Turn any unused ticket in for another game.
2. The ability to upgrade to a Table or Suite at a discounted rate (based on availability)
1. Always the Same Great Seat........


Season tickets continue on sale with the following full season ticket packages:

  • Lawn seats just $249                                            ($5.19/game)
  • Short's Biergarten just $299                                  ($6.23/game)
  • Chairback Reserved just $384                              ($8.00/game)
  • 4 Person Tables in Section 101 just $2000            ($10.41/seat/game)
  • 4 Person Tables on the Concourse just $2400       ($12.50/seat/game)
  • 6 Person Suites just $4320                                    ($15.00/ticket/game)

Concerned about not being able to make every game, we also have half season plans for the following prices;

  • Short's Biergarten                                               $179
  • Chairback Reserved                                           $210
  • 4 Person Tables Section 101                               $1000
  • 4 Person Tables Concourse                                 $1200
  • 6 Person Suites                                                   $2160

And if a half season seams too much, try one of your mini-plans;

  • The Weekender: 21 Friday, Saturday, Sunday games (excludes July 1st, 2nd, 3rd).           $179
  • The Value Package: 16 Tuesday and Wednesday games.                                                  $129
  • The Thirsty Thursday: 8 Thursday games                                                                          $69

For more information or to reserved your season tickets now, call Director of Ticketing, Tony Burch at 231-943-0100 or email

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