GUARANTEED WIN WEDNESDAY - you're reading it right, we're guaranteeing you a win every Wednesday and if we can't deliver and you stay until the end of the game we're going to give you a free ticket to another Beach Bums home game.

If we do win? We'll be partnering with various local businesses to make sure you're rewarded for staying until the end and cheering the Beach Bums on to victory. It's just another way we plan to ‪#‎PackThePark2016‬

We also have added a VALUE PACKAGE mini-season ticket plan that includes all Tuesday and Wednesday games (16 games) for just $129. Call 231-943-0100 or email for more details.

Do you or your business want to be involved with Guaranteed Win Wednesdays? Email

Upcoming Home Games

May 23rd 5:05 PM
Florence Freedom
May 24th 7:05 PM
Florence Freedom
May 25th 7:05 PM
Evansville Otters
May 26th 7:05 PM
Evansville Otters